DEX Using Solidity and React

Last Updated 12/4/2021

This capstone project covers the work that I did in the Dapp University Bootcamp. The Bootcamp covered two main programming languages, Solidity and React. Solidity was used for the backend/blockchain and React was used to develop the front end/user interface. As this was a training course, most of the code took the long, written out approach to improve learning. An example of this is token creation where I created a token from scratch, moving forward I would use Openzepplin to decrease programing time. Now lets take a look at the finished product:

The interface has the following fields:

  • Balance
  • New Order
  • Order Book
  • Price Chart
  • My Transactions
  • Trades

The exchange is a solidity smart contract that handles all trades and orders on chain. The code can be found on my github here: Exchange Contract